Invite John and Maryalice to
your home to fix and serve
dinner to YOU.
Our smiles will be your smiles.
... or in your HOME

Table for Two
redefines the phrase, "From Soup to Nuts."  
We specialize in allowing you to rediscover your home.  We
discuss your food preferences, suggest possible entrees, and
then plan a menu for your special evening.
Next, we visit your dining area and plan how we will set your
table.   We use our own ware or your favorite china.  We ask
if you have another favorite area in your home, such as a
fireplace or patio, where we might serve you appetizers and
before-dinner wine.
We shop for your groceries, prepare your dinner in your
home, and serve you as you would be served in any fine
dinning restaurant.  We clean the mess and quietly exit.  
Paul & Robin Richer
from Clay, NY
Paul and I wanted to
thank you again for a
lovely dinner.  It was so
much more than we
expected and it was all
because of the two of you.  
It wasn't just a dinner,
it's a memory that we will
always have with one

Watkins Glen Mayor, Judy Philips
Thank you for a delightful
evening.  The meal, the
service, the atmosphere were

George Lawson, president &
publisher of Finger Lakes Media,
Inc, said:
I know when I call you that I
can forget everything else, it
will be perfect.

Jean Perkins, former owner of
Curves in Watkins Glen, wrote:
Everything was truly fabulous.
 You both gave us a memorable

Doug Cook, of Hornby, said of his
table side Caesar:
That was the best Caesar  I
have ever had.

Heike Seubert of Germany said of
her dinner at Magnolia Place:
We were told by the owners (of
Magnolia Place) that it was
good, but the experience far
exceeded our expectations.

Robert and Rose of Pennsylvania
wrote of their honeymoon dinner,
also at Magnolia Place:
Thank you for the wonderful
meal, it was one of the
highlights to our trip.  The
whole meal was wonderfully
orchestrated and beautifully
prepared.  I can't wait to
return again and introduce our
family and friends to the
Table for Two experience.  

Heather and RJ from Ohio
celebrated their 4th anniversary with
a special dinner:
I just wanted to send you a
quick thank you note for the
absolutely amazing dinner that
you and Maryalice put
together for RJ and I.  He
was totally surprised.  He still
can't stop talking about the
steak!  Thank you for making
it so very special and
personalized.  You both have
an amazing gift... the service,
the food, everything was top
The Appetizer Menu at
Table for Two
is huge.  We love to do small appetizer
parties.  We can serve them hot and
cold in your home, or deliver them
with instructions for serving.

We also do small luncheons with
eclectic menus which we can design
for you.
     Table for Two is available at
Magnolia Place
    Bed & Breakfast.
On the east side of Seneca Lake, in Hector, is one of the Finger Lake's most
beautiful Bed & Breakfast.  It is now offering the services of
Table for Two.
Now if you wish to have an intimate dinner on their deck overlooking
Seneca Lake or in their elegant dining room, or a cocktail party or luncheon
with your friends,
Table for Two will cater the event for you.

Click here
to see a special dinner that
Table for Two prepared and served on the deck at Magnolia Place.
to view our menu that can be served
with only 24 notice.
Call to discuss your plans with us.
The Menu for a recent
luncheon served to a small
group at
Rosemary's Legacy:

Freshly Tossed Caesar Salad
with grilled Chicken

Heirloom Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad
with Surimi Crab & Louis Sauce

BLT Wrap
Your favorite sandwich in a tomato wrap.
with Pasta Salad

Smoky Cheddar Burger
Grilled fresh ground round toped with melted cheddar,
sauteed onions and smoky barbecue sauce.
with Pasta Salad.
                             Table for Two is also available at
      Sunrise Landing
                        Bed & Breakfast
                     Located on Seneca's west side is another
                         bed and breakfast jewell of our Finger
                         Lakes Region.   Nestled on a wooded
                         hillside, Sunrise Landing is the perfect
                        romantic getaway.  Dining options also
                        include a spacious deck overlooking the
                           lake or a beautiful dining room with
                                         cathedral ceilings.

      to view our menu that can be served
                     with only 24 notice.
Call to discuss your plans with us.
Click on the
Riesling Poached Shrimp
to see a recent dinner.
Click on the above
collage of
cuisine prepared by
Table for Two.